Why Would Anyone Want To Repair Roof?

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You have to ask yourself the question too. Are these guys serious? How can anyone ask a question like that? Why would anyone want to repair a roof? Really? And yet they are. They are that much more serious than the rest of you reading this note tonight. They also have every good cause to be concerned. Otherwise they would not be in the emergency roof repair chicago il game. Not that having to repair someone’s roof in the middle of the night and under a torrent is a game.

Because leaving a roof even in a minor state of disrepair is a dangerous business. You could be quite literally playing with fire. All it takes is just five or so loose tiles to tear at its seams and go flying over. Someone could be walking by at that very moment and very unlucky for that person if any one of those tiles hit him on the head. And very lucky for him if he managed to survive. And leave these loose tiles lying there still longer and then it is only a matter of time before a gaping big hole, like the crater of a volcano, appears.

To say nothing about when a particularly bad storm blows over town. And with those tiles still loose over there, the riot act is already written. It has happened to so many others before, the entire roof could go flying off. And that is so much worse than a mere half dozen tiles rolling over the roof on what would have been a calm day by anyone’s standards. The emergency roof repair team will not huff and puff when their call to duty arrives.

But they have to wonder about the countless warnings they had already given.